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  • Cranio Sacral Massage
    • A light, non-invasive technique that allows the client to remain fully clothed during the session. The massage uses light pressure and movement to open the flow of fluid through the spine and around the head, calm any aggravation in the nervous system and release tension or compression in the underlying structures surrounding the head, spine and sacrum.
    • Beneficial for chronic pain in the neck and back, tension headaches, migraines, arthritis, and other stress-related dysfunction.
    • Beneficial for children with ADHD, autism, colic, asthma, and cerebral palsy.
    • Child sessions are $1/min and done in the time the child is comfortable of receiving the treatment
      • 30min= $50
      • 45min= $65
      • 60min= $80
  • Therapeutic Massage
    • Reduces muscle tension and gives an overall sense of relaxation and stress reduction, as well as focusing on deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, sometimes using a deeper pressure (within the client’s tolerance) to release the toxic buildup in the tissues
      • 30min= $50
      • 60min= $80
      • 90min= $120
  • Pregnancy Massage
    • A massage specially designed to relieve the muscle pains associated with pregnancy while using either a pregnancy cushion that allows the mother-to-be to lay face down while cradling the belly, or using side-lying techniques.
    • 90 minute sessions include a Reflexology foot treatment that interacts with the body’s nervous and circulatory systems.
      • 30min= $50
      • 60min= $80
      • 90min= $120
  • Fertility Enhancement Massage
    • A massage specially designed to aid in the process of conception, either natural or assisted. This type of massage includes Cranio Sacral holds, Chinese Meridian work, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue Friction of the abdomen and lower back. Using this method the body will be detoxified from stress and relieved of adhesions in the abdomen that may inhibit fertility.
    • Can be done while on Fertility Medications and to assist in success of IVF, IUI, AI treatments.
      • 1st Session: 2 Hour = $160
      • 2nd Session: 90min= $120
      • ​​​3rd + Sessions: 75min= $100
  • Reflexology
    • A technique that uses the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and/or hands that can address the different systems of the body.
      • Feet Only (approx 45 minutes) = $60​
      • Hands and Feet (approx 75 minutes) = $90
  • Relaxation Massage
    • A smooth, gentle treatment that relieves muscular tension, increases circulation, and promotes a general sense of relaxation.
      • 30min= $50​
      • 60min= $80
      • 90min= $120
Upper Back Massage
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